Basics to brewing a great cup

How much coffee do I use?




Coffee-to-Water Ratio: We recommended coffee-to-water ratio is 55 grams of coffee per liter of water, +/- 10%.

Coffee Grounds: We always recommend grinding your coffee right Before you brew it. Start with a grind size close to that of raw sugar, too small of a grind will result in an over extracted and very bitter cup and too large of a grind will result in a thin and tasteless cup, it might take a few tries to get it right, but this is time well spent.

Coffee Preparation Temperature: Water temperature, at the point of contact with coffee, is recommended to fall between 200°F ± 5° (93.0°C ± 3°).

Brewing Vessel size/amount to use:

2.2 Liter Pot: Use 121 grams or approximately 4.26 ounces of freshly ground coffee

2.5 Liter Pot: Use 137 grams or approximately 4.83 ounces of freshly ground coffee 

1 Gallon Urn: Use 13.33 grams or (.46 of a pound) approximately 7.36 ounces of freshly ground coffee

{in our commercial brewing equipment we use .52 of a pound for every gallon of water}

What is the proper grind?


Grinding Coffee Beans

Freshly grinding the beans before brewing coffee is one of the most important steps for achieving a quality cup of coffee. Coffee should not be ground more than 2 minutes before brewing or major staling (oxidation) begins to take place. 

Each coffee brewing method requires a different grind size: Drip coffee requires a medium size grind, espresso requires a fine size grind, a French press requires the largest grind size, while the vacuum pot also requires the largest grind size   Not sure what is right for your equipment? Just ask us.

Great coffee needs good water


Besides our coffee, water is the most important element that goes into a cup of coffee. The mineral content and ph level of the water you use, can have drastic effects on the finished product. Using the wrong water can ruin a beautiful coffee and nobody wants to see that happen.

Conventional coffee wisdom is, if your water tastes good for drinking, it will taste good for coffee. 

Using a French Press



Steps for a PERFECT French Press  


Place the French Press on the digital scale and zero it out. 

Add 55 grams or 1.90 ounces of freshly ground coffee (ground course like raw sugar)

Pour in 1-liter or 34 oz of water that is around 202 degrees (water that has come to a boil and sat for 20-30 seconds)

Fill to about one inch from the top, give it a stir with a plastic spatula or wooden spoon and place the top “Plunger” on.

Set timer for 4-minutes and when the timer goes off, push down the plunger slowly (take ten-seconds or so).

Serve Immediately 


*wash the French press and parts by hand in warm soapy water after each use


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Using a Chemex


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Using a Drip Coffeemaker


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Pour Over (cone filter)


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Siphon Brewing


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Toddy Brewing (cold brew)


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