A Bit About Us

  We aim to raise the level of what people should be expecting from their coffee, We are down to earth, good for the earth, and one of the best coffee roasters on earth. 

We love what we do. It's gratifying to know that our work helps improve working conditions for coffee farmers, protects the environment, and promotes sustainable practices & that our amazingly sumptuous coffee provides daily pleasure to coffee lovers around the globe.   

We truly love great coffee. 

Every morning in our office we French press a few selections of our latest roasts and sip and savor, letting the warm brew gently awaken our spirits. Even after so many years we still marvel at the wonderful sensations a great cup of coffee provides. This morning ritual reminds us of the importance of our work and the way our product touches others.   

We focus entirely on the sampling, blending and roasting, sale and distribution of our premium coffee beans (rather than operating retail locations.) This allows us to dedicate all our energy on our most important goals: maintaining coffee quality, promoting sustainability, and making our customers happy.   


Our Core Beliefs


At Coachella Valley Coffee we believe in the following values and use them to guide our practices and behaviors on a day to day basis.

Quality and Safety 

We believe in professionalism and excellence. We are relentless in ensuring that our products and our workplace meet the highest standards of quality and safety.   


We believe in treating our fellow co-workers and business partners as we would like to be treated.  


We believe that the more net profit we make, the stronger Coachella Valley Coffee becomes and the more we can re-invest in the business and our community. To make healthy profit we need to focus on innovative products, sustainable brands and cost effective operations. We are proud to have a profit share program, as determined by our business results, for our employees.

Energy and Enthusiasm 

We believe in working with people who have team spirit and enjoy working at Coachella Valley Coffee. We generate our energy being around others who are enthusiastic and honest. We recognize there will always be issues and problems to fix and we value those who offer new ideas, have a can-do attitude and contribute to creative and innovative solutions.  


We believe that Coachella Valley Coffee has a commitment to preserving the environment and contributing to the communities in which we live and work.   

Giving Back

We are very committed to giving back to our local communities, by supporting urban revitalization projects, mentoring and work training programs for at risk youth, education, cultural institutions, the arts and countless other groups that have the same mindset. 

Our FARM to CUP program (FtC)

 Since our first trip to a coffee farm back in 2002, we have always strived to build a one-on-one relationship with each coffee farmer and their local community. We have supported schools with new computer systems, uniforms for all the kids and salaries for the staff and we will continue to do these because we believe “it is absolutely the right thing to do”. But we have also been very discouraged by how little cold hard cash actually makes it into the hands of the farmers.  

With all the good intentions taken into consideration, we all know that that extra money you and I pay for a fancy little sticker on that coffee bag, maybe…just maybe.. ten percent of that “up-charge” ever makes it to the hands that actually grew the coffee. This is why we have started our (FtC) Farm to Cup coffee program. Our goal as a company is that within the next few years we will be buying all of our great coffees directly from our farmers and paying an extra premium (up to 25%) so we not only do we keep the farmer in business, but we also improve their lives as well as their local community.

  We strive to visit each of our farms two times per year on average. Early in the harvest, we build a strategy with the producer. Then, we’ll return at the end of the harvest to taste coffees and discuss the outcome of that particular harvest and reward a job well done as well as discussing options for the next year.  Producing great coffee is expensive, so the investment the farmer makes is always taken into consideration. We know that certain improvements bring additional costs for our farmers and we want to compensate them appropriately for better quality. Rather than negotiating a price with a broker or an importer, we settle on the price directly with the farmer. We understand the farmer’s cost of production and we understand quality, so we negotiate a price with them.   Our Farm to Cup program is not just a way of saying that we negotiated the price directly with the farmer, but it’s also our way of saying “this coffee farmer is in it for the long run and we are as well”. So keep watching for more coffees with our Farm to Cup seal. As we move forward we will be adding more farms to this exciting program as funding becomes available here.